Meet the coffee artist

About the artist:

Tammie Wales (born 1983) is a self taught artist who began painting at a very early age. She grew up in southern California while practicing with several mediums. After moving to Alaska she began painting with coffee in January of 2015. Today coffee is the only medium she utilizes and Tammie has started a personal brand she simply calls; TW Coffee Artist. Now traveling to different art shows, her work is steadily rising in recognition and diversity. She currently resides in the small town of McCleary  just outside the Washington state capitol of Olympia.

Fun fact: All of the art that TW Coffee Artist sells is an original. Each painting is done entirely by hand so no two are alike; after all a print is not made of coffee.



About the medium:

Coffee is a unique medium but while it is not very common, it is very old and had been used as a pigment for hundreds of years. When applied on to a heavy paper the coffee medium behaves very similar to watercolors. Tammie uses many different coffee brew methods that are concentrated or diluted with just water to achieve a pallet of 15 brown tones.

Fun fact: The coffee art smells good too!