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What’s better than coffee? For me it’s art and my cat… I should coffee-paint my cat’s portrait!

Tammie's Profile PicHello, I’m Tammie Wales and welcome to my coffee painting website and gallery. This site is like my home base while I spend more time engaging with real people via social media platforms.

Here I want to tell you a bit about myself and what I do.

Well first off, I produce art, lots of art but especially coffee art. I started painting with coffee in January of 2015 after seeing several artists demonstrating it on you tube. It’s great fun and has actually been around for many centuries with no one single artist who claims to have started it all. I found that there are many brilliant people out there expressing unique styles and their own approaches to creating art with coffee. I have developed my own technique and formula which for now is my little secret. As I build my coffee art portfolio and expand my fan base I’ll be looking forward to producing tutorial videos later. For now I’m just building momentum behind my artwork. Sharing is caring!

I grew up in sunny, sunny, sunny, southern California. That place was always much too hot for me and in my twenties I got out and I never looked back. Today I’m in Washington state after living several years on the road and four years in Alaska. I am currently seeking festivals and art events to show and sell at as I continue to build a fan base of followers who like my work.

What I love the most about the coffee painting is the endless variety of style and themes. As I produce coffee art I’m making them in sets by theme.

I do not relate to many artists that I have encountered. I did not go to art school and I make art because I love it. Which is an understatement. I’m an art addict. When I have an idea for a piece of art in my head I can’t sleep and I loose my appetite until I can at least get it sketched on paper. I’ve produced and given away far more art than I’ve actually sold because if I did not, I’d be some kind of art hoarder. I’ve made way too much artwork for one person to keep. Every once in a while I make something that truly impresses me and I get some kind of emotional attachment to it and then I put a high price tag on it, then I hold onto it for a year or so until I come to my senses and get it out the door by any means necessary.

The coffee art got such a big and immediate response after I made my first few, that I was immediately hooked. Now I’ve set up an entirely separate online identity as T.W. Coffee Artist. I set up this website which explains why you’re not impressed… I’m an artist not actually web designer after all! I got going on social media platforms I’d never heard of before. You know how sometimes an artist’s work goes viral online? Ya, I’m trying to prepare myself for that. I’m learning about marketing. I’m studying how to build a brand and blog. I’m active on 5 social media sites! It’s all just for the coffee art too. I can’t help it. My head is absolutely flooded with new coffee art concepts. I make them as often as I can. I can feel my future percolating!

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Artist’s quick bio:

Tammie Wales was born in CA 1983. She began painting public murals in 1999, opened her tattoo shop in WA state in 2011 and she began painting with coffee in January of 2015. After living in AK and starting to coffee-paint she now resides in Washington state again and is seeking art events to show and sell at to the public. “Painting with coffee is great fun, it gets people talking and it can be an endless variety themes. It’s awesome to see people’s reactions to the idea of painting with coffee. Kids, adults and artists alike seem to be inspired to give it a try. Do it! ..and lets help make the world a more creative place.”

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