Hello out there to all of you coffee consuming caffeinated creators! Welcome to my new website showcasing artwork that is painted using 100% real coffee.

Did you know that painting with coffee has been around for years? Seriously, like hundreds of years! Many artists today are creating amazing artwork using coffee. It’s really fun and the art smells good too!

I sell almost entirely originals. Only a select few coffee paintings will ever have prints made of them.

Lots of the art shown is already sold but making custom art is what I do! So if you’d like to request a custom coffee painting send me a message about what you’d like to see. Coffee art can be any size and any theme. Keep in mind that original art is only shipped flat and never rolled up in a tube so the larger the art the higher the shipping costs.

Someday I’ll have a store on this website but for now you can buy originals through Etsy and Facebook and prints are available on society6.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to see you on social media.

Painting Steampunk style with 100% real coffee.

Painting Steampunk style with 100% real coffee.


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